CALIFORNIA-HERE WE COME, OUR FINAL LEG OF ROUTE 66 Barstow to Santa Monica Pier and the end of the trail πŸŽ‘


Ninety Nine days to complete our fantastic journey across America and the legendary Route 66 and all the side trips.
We drove a total of 4606 miles( RV and Jeep miles).

We leave Laughlin, Nv for our first stop, which is Barstow, Ca. Make sure you gas up in Nevada or Bullhead City, Az. As gas prices are much cheaper than California. It is also about 170 miles on I-40 thru the Mohave National Preserve and very few gas stations. We decide to skip Amboy (Roys Cafe and Motel) as it is quite a bit off the Interstate and I read not to take RV, and it would be 1 1/2 hours each way from where we would be staying. This is really the only portion of Route 66 we skipped.
We make a quick stop to the town of Newberry Springs to see Bagdad Cafe.DSCN9479
We stop at the California Welcome Center located at the outlet mall in Barstow.
I had called ahead to see if we can park there and disconnect the Jeep to sightsee.
We were told no problem and that we can even boondock in the parking lot there, so that is what we did for 2 nights, yeah we love the free nights. You can also dry camp across the street by Arby’s , they have a very large gravel lot.
We drive downtown Barstow to the Old Bartsow Train Station (converted to shops and restaurants). We eat at the McDonalds

where you eat in old passenger cars
from a train, fun). We drive Main St (Route 66) in Bartsow and see the historic
El Rancho motelDSCN9504

and a stop at the fire station to see the Giant Fire Helmet (dedicated after September 11th) . This is at 870 Barstow Rd.DSCN9516

The Route 66 museum is closed today so unfortunately won’t have time to see, but heard it’s worth a visit.
Today is our Ninety Seventh day and we head off to Calico Ghost Town.

I was here more than 25 years ago when my girls we small,IMG_6305

so I had to take this picture.DSCN9562

Calico is a old mining town from 1881


it’s a cute little Ghost Town and worth a visit. $8.00 admission for adults. You can pan for gold, train ride, mine tour for additional cost.

They also have a campground and you get free admission.
After we leave Calico we head west on Route 66 to Elmers Bottle Ranch.

This place is so coolDSCN9640

and DSCN9603free to visit.


Onward towards VictorvilleDSCN9679

to see Emma Jeans Holland Burger since 1947.

Tomorrow we head west and our final place to finish Route 66.

We drive 1 1/2 hours from Barstow to Glen Ivy Rv park in Corona. It is a Passport America park for $17.50 per night and $1.00 per day, per dog. It is nothing special at all and mostly full timers but a good spot to finish Route 66 . It does have laundry,showers,pools and General store. It is 75 miles east of Santa Monica.
After settling in we go down the road to Toms Farms, definitely worth a visit. It has a farmers market, candy store, popcorn and fudge store, cheese and wine shop, home decor shop (lots of cute stuff), few different restaurants and places to sit outside. On weekends they have craft show and live music. 🎢 Very cute place. For dinner, yes we drive 45 minutes each way for Portillos in Moreno Valley.DSCN9686

If you are from Illinois, you will understand it’s worth the drive.

Day Ninety Nine, we head out with the dogs 🐢 for a long day.DSCN9811

I called Santa Monica pier ahead of time to make sure dogs are ok to bring. It is only 75 miles but takes

1 hr 40 minutes in the wonderful LA traffic. We get lucky and park at the pier parking lot, $10.00 for the day.DSCN9689

The official end is at Lincoln/Olympic, but all the end of trail and books put you on Santa Monica Pier. We stop at the 66 to Cali store on the pier. Here you can sign a log book and purchase a completion certificate for $10.00, which goes towards restoration of Route 66.DSCN9857

They are very informative in regards to Route 66. We get our picture taken at the shop, on the door is the original end of 66 signDSCN9735

then in the middle of pier is the End of the Trail sign.DSCN9743

We walk around the pier,

even see a seal.DSCN9778

Some fun info, the pier is 107 years old and the Ferris Wheel 🎑 is the worlds only solar powered ferries wheel.DSCN9781
After the pier we walk to the Camera Obscura πŸŽ₯ (1450 ocean Ave), it features a rotating vintage optic device for 360 degree view. It is one of only 3 in US. It’s pretty cool and it’s free.DSCN9695


We eat lunch at Hot Dog 🌭 on a stick from 1946, located at 1633 Ocean Front Walk, right next to the pier. Yummy corn dogs. We sit and eat and people watch, some characters here for sure.DSCN9785

Also right here is the Original Muscle BeachDSCN9786


where people still workout.

After a few hours here we start heading back and since we are in no hurry we decide to take Route 66 (Santa Monica Blvd) back towards campsite even with terrible traffic.
We pass they West Hollywood (even get to see Hollywood sign)DSCN9813

Beverly Hills, Pasadena( we get to see where we will be for the Rose 🌹 Parade, historic Arroyo Seco, Monrovia, Duarte, Azusa,and Glendora.

It has been a nine hour day so we head home. Tomorrow we will do Fontana,Rialto and McDonalds Museum. Very fun day.

Off to Fontana to see Bonos restaurant and deli from 1935. Currently closed but suppose to be reopening.

DSCN9859 Also here is the Historic Orange Stand, I believe the last on Route 66. They started in 1926 and operated as juice stands for travelers.DSCN9863

Just up the road is 1 of the 2 Wigwam motel on Route 66DSCN9874

the other is in Holbrook, Az, we also visited that one. The doors we open, so I had to peak in.

Finally to San Bernadino to the historic McDonalds MuseumDSCN9889


It is free, donations appreciated.

It is a great Museum and worth a visit.DSCN9893

It is the site of the original McDonald’s, 1940, by the McDonalds brothers, prior to Ray Kroc’s McDonalds.

Time to pack, as tomorrow we are off to San Diego area for a month of relaxation
Before heading to Disneyland for Christmas and then to our RV spot at the Rose 🌹 Parade our most expensive spurge. Stay tuned.





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  1. I did not know there were other Obscura Camera’s, interesting there are only three. I saw one of them in San Francisco, my beastie Colleen and I had taken a day trip from Vacaville to SF to Santa Cruz. This Obscura was part of Playland at the beach which sits on the same grounds as the famous Cliff house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Pretty awesome. Excited you are going to be seeing the Rose Parade…..My mom and I did that together in 2008, it was a fantastic trip to do with my mom. She always loved the parade and had been wanting to go in person. It was so worth it. The floats were beautiful and we had the chance after the parade to see them up close. Absolutely amazing. A trip I will never forget.


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