NEVADA-Laughlin, Rte 66 (Oatman, Az and Needles, Ca) side trips to Lake Havasu City(London Bridge), Lake Mead Rec Area and Casinos


Left Kingman, Az for 1 hour drive to Avi Casino/ KOA Journey in Laughlin, Nevada.
Here we will stay 10 days and do some Route 66 side trips and our great friends from Las Vegas will come to visit for a few days.


Avi Casino/ KOA Journey is right across from the casino. You can walk, drive or they have a golf cart shuttle to take you. It is an ok RV park, like a large parking lot, but they do have laundry, playground and dog run. Next door is dry camping, not sure on cost. You are able to use the casino pool, which is very nice and the casino’s beach, very nice and on Colorado River. With our KOA card the cost for 10 nights was $234.34.
We got the casino playing card and received $15.00 off the buffet.
There is also a golf course right behind the campground. There was Groupon for half off.

Much needed neck, shoulder and back massage at Harrahs Casino. $45.00 for 25 minutes and well worth it. Then off for a mani/pedi again much needed. As I was being pampered Bob went grocery shopping and washed the Jeep, and then as he was picking me up some 20 year old opening her ice cream rear ended the Jeep. Luckily no damage to us, but she screwed up her car. Dinner out tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bullhead City and then sitting at the campground having my coffee as a coyote walks on by. Tomorrow off to explore.

Today is day Eighty Eight and fishing day for Bob. We head to Lake Mead Recreational Area at Katherine Landing.DSCN9216

It is $20.00 per vehicle or for us free again with the America the Beautiful pass. It is on Lake Mohave and a very pretty area.
They also have campground here. No fish 🐟 today but very beautiful to just sit and hangout.DSCN9217


As we were leaving a wild burro walked by.DSCN9234

Unfortunately today we spent at Urgent Care and Hospital, as Bob has a kidney stone. Hopefully passes it soon.

Bobs feeling a little better so today we explore. Off to Route 66 , Needles, Ca.
Not much to see here, beside the Welcome Wagon

and Route 66 Motel.

We get on 1-40 and exit at #153 (Park Moabi Road), just like in the movie “Easy Rider”. There is also a old stone billboard here, welcoming you to Route 66.

You can also see the
Old Trails Arch Bridge (seen in the Grapes of Wrath). The Bridge was built in 1916.DSCN9267
Another 1/2 hour drive to visit Lake Havasu City and the London Bridge.



The Bridge was purchased in 1968, each block was numbered before it was disassembled. It was then reconstructed and rededicated in 1971. We walked across the bridge and sang London Bridge is falling down, etc. Couple also have been placing locks on the bridge. Locks of Love ❤️ 🔐, to symbolize their unbreakable bond.

We also shopped here and also the downtown district. If you like cigars, they have a very nice cigar lounge. Before we left we stopped at Site Six (fishing area) and had a picnic 🐜.

The next few days will be spent with our great friends from Las Vegas. We have the buffet for lunch at the Aquarius Casino and just hang out, and a little gambling.
Saturday we have a breakfast buffet at the Avi, just $11.99 and very good. Bob receives his breakfast for free as well as all other Veterans.
Thank you for your service 🇺🇸. After our bellies are full we drive 1/2 to Oatman, Az.DSCN9374
on Route 66,DSCN9437IMG_6210



where the wild burros just roam the streets.DSCN9386


You can buy burro food and feed them.

There were many babies, they are so cute. DSCN9470IMG_6206They have little tags on their head, saying not to feed, but the adults you can feed. DSCN9456Oatman is an authentic Western Ghost town and old mining camp.


There are many shops and places to eat. Today there was also a gun fight, a little corny but kids probably would enjoy. The Oatman Hotel is from 1902DSCN9384

and it is here Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their wedding night.

Thanks to my best buddy Michele for sharing this with us.DSCN9405
For dinner we eat at Daniels, next to the Aquarius. They are known for good burgers and they were good,but service not so much.

Sunday morning we have the buffet at the Avi for their Sunday Brunch ($22.99)
and worth it. They had shrimp🍤 ,prime rib and crab legs 🦀 that were absolutely delicious. I would definitely recommend. Then hung by the pool before saying goodbye to Bob and Michele.

The next few days are spent hanging at the campground, before leaving for
Barstow, Ca. and the last leg of our Route 66 journey.

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  1. Oh, the baby burros are so cute. I just love the picture of the burro with the little dog. So loving. See you soon.. counting the days now instead of weeks.


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