After Roswell we drive 1 1/2 hours to Carlsbad, where we will spend 5 nights at the
Carlsbad KOA. Very nice KOA (rated number one In New Mexico)for $45.00. Nice landscaping, dog park, pool and large sites. When we checked in, the girl at the desk told us, watch out for the baby rattlers, they have only seen two in the park, but just watch out. (Scared the s**t out of me,as I don’t like snakes). So of course I’m checking the ground around me all the time, and as we are sitting outside we see the ground moving, and then a head pops up, and this is what we see. Thank GOD not a snake, but a groundhog,(we named him Carl).

Also lots of bunnies and quail.

Off to Carlsbad Caverns, here we purchased our America the Beautiful pass, for $80.00, good for a year and gets you into all the National Parks, along with National Forests and many more places.DSCN5743

Carlsbad Caverns was great, you can choose to walk down or take the elevator. We chose to walk down which is 800 ft down (80 stories) a steep walkway. Needless to say we took elevator up. It is the most beautiful cavern in the US. I would recommend this.There is also RV parking.DSCN5752
From the Caverns we head to Lake Carlsbad, so Bob could do some fishing. This is a very pretty lake which has swimming, fishing, picnic area and also paddle board and kayak rentals.DSCN5883

Today we drove to the Lincoln National Forest to visit Sitting Bulls Falls. It was 32 miles on a desolate but nice paved road to reach the falls, which were in the middle of nowhere. Bob swam in the falls, it was a little to cold for me. Afterwards we had a picnic lunch there. It was beautiful and I would recommend a visit. We were able to use our America the Beautiful Pass here, otherwise it’s $5.00 per vehicle.

We are off to visit the town of Artesia, 1/2 hour drive from campground.⛺️

The town of Artesia is not much to see, however they do have a bunch of huge bronze statues throughout town and they are pretty cool.

Leaving Carlsbad, and luckily we never saw a snake, and off to Alamogordo for a week.
It will be a good base for day trips in the area.

I was a little nervous about the drive to Alamogordo as we head into the Sacramento Mountains and passing through the town of Cloudcroft with an elevation of 8,600 ft, the highest yet in the RV. Luckily it wasn’t so bad. Off to the pool for the rest of the day.

Today we drove an hour into Sacramento Mountains to the town of Lincoln, some history and museum here, along with few shops. Then another 13 miles to the town of Capitan. Here is the Smokey the Bear 🐻 Historical Park.

It was here in 1950, during a wildfire in the Capitan Gap, that they found a badly singed bear clinging to a tree and firefighters rescued him. He was eventually sent to Washington DC, to the National Zoo, and named Smokey the Bear, and that’s how it came to be. He even had his own zip code because of all the mail he received. He lived out his life in Washington DC and upon his death in 1976 was sent back to Capitan, where he is buried.
From Capitan we drove to

, cute little mountain town, with nice shops. We had a great lunch at the Lincoln County Grill, referred by a local, who said must try the fried green chile strips. They were awesome, and a must try.

My new favorite food, is the Hatch Green Chile. We have had it in chicken sandwich,fried green chile strips and in sausage. All where absolutely delicious. We will be visiting the town of Hatch in a few days, and there we will try the green chile cheeseburger at Sparky’s Restaurant.

Our third day here, we head to Cloudcroft for the annual pancake breakfast and Lumberjack show. Afterwards walk around this cute, but little mountain town and do some shopping. Heading back to the campground we stop at Heart of the Desert, a pistachio farm. There are three pistachio farms in Alamogordo, and I do ❤️ pistachios.


Day 38 takes us to White Sands National Monument in Alamogordo.

We get to use our America the Beautiful Pass, otherwise $5.00 per person. Also can buy or rent a sled for sledding the dunes. We rent one for $10.00 and get $3.00 back if you return it. We had a blast sledding down the dunes, and surprisingly the sand is not hot at all.

They are the largest gypsum dune field in the world and range over 275 square miles.

This was so much fun and beautiful. It’s a must see.

Tomorrow we are going to try our luck at the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort Casino in Mescalero and then just hang out the next few days, before heading towards Las Cruces and the small town of Mesilla.DSCN5887


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  1. We are enjoying reading your blog very much. We are traveling from Massachusetts south and across the most southerly states to meet up with a RV caravan trip in California for a 37-day Baja trip. We will spend the month of January getting to CA. Your blog is getting us excited for the things we’ll enjoy seeing and doing along the way!


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