ROUTE 66 – ILLINOIS – Chicago to Springfield

Illinois Route 66 took us to some fun places to see, we were able to do most on Route 66 and avoid the highway. These were our stops along the way.

Chicago – begin Route 66

Dell Rheas Chicken Basket -Willowbrook

DSCN4906  DSCN4919
Rich and Creamy, Dicks on 66, Joliet Welcome Center, Joliet State Prison (What movie was filmed here, or a scene at least)? – Joliet

Launching Pad Restaurant-the Gemini Giant – Wilmington

This is for my Father-in-Law

Polka Dot Diner – Braidwood

Texaco Welcome Center – Dwight
Standard Oil – Odell

Meramec Caverns on Barn-Cayuga (one of only 2 left in Illinois)

DSCN4952Route 66 Museum, Route 66 Bob and his van (which inspired Fillmore in the movie CARS) – Pontiac
Arrow sign and Route 66 memory lane (1 mile stretch of original Route 66 with old billboards) – Lexington
Beer Nut Factory – Bloomington
Funks Grove Sirup – (bought some yummy sirup) – Shirley
Atlantas Bunyan Statue – Atlanta
Lincoln’s Watermelon Christening site, Phone Booth on Lincoln’s City Hall, Railsplitter

DSCN4966 Covered Wagon (worlds largest ) – Lincoln

Cozy Dog – home of the Corn Dog – Springfield

Springfield for 5 nights to enjoy Springfield sights.

In Springfield we did the Illinois State Fair, State Capitol, Lincoln’s Tomb (rub his nose for Good Luck ), AFFI office, Illinois Firefighters Memorial and Lincoln’s home (the only home he ever owned)

DSCN4990DSCN4983  DSCN5001


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